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In a globalised world where professionals quest for opportunities, partnerships and possibilities is big, visibility and availability at all time is very important. This magazine equips professionals with tools for visibility in order to generate opportunity, leading them to success.

Our history

Becoming a lawyer is not merely about a vocation. It is an honorary profession with a mission in its core, that obligates each one of us towards our societies and countries. To serve them with nobility and dignity.  


THE BALKAN LAWYER – is an online and quarterly printed Magazine serving legal practitioners promoting themselves and their businesses, be visible and reachable at all times. It is a Platform, founded under THE BALKAN LAWYER GROUP – an establishment that began four years ago with EUROPEAN LEGAL RESEARCH & TRAINING NETWORK and that continues to grow.

The services we offer are a combination of promotional – advertising – vocational – awarding categories, aiming to enrich lawyer’s professional portfolio, promote them and their work on a regional scale, build their brand and reputation. Therefore, we have created a simple way for professionals to be able to enrich and improve their backgrounds and experiences in the best, easiest and cheapest way possible.

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THE BALKAN LAWYER MAGAZINE could not be a unique establishment if it wasn’t dedicated and served real professionals. Throughout all these years of working with lawyers, I have realised that they miss a unique platform that would equip them with the right tools and bring them towards new opportunities and partnerships.

That is in fact the WHY behind this Magazine. The ability to provide lawyers with a chance where they can feel comfortable and motivated to exchange knowledge, increase their reputation, improve their image and brand their bussinesses, but not only.

THE BALKAN LAWYER creates the right habitat where every lawyer, no matter the field, area or professional background, can feel proud and comfortable to share their achievements and ask for recognition.  It helps them focus and invest in the areas of their interest by offering them visibility, availability, promotion and flexibility.

I believe THE BALKAN LAWYER is a unique Platform that contributes to the quality to lawyers practices and to the entire legal profession in the Balkans. Therefore, we have made it our mission to see them succeed.


Saimira Tola-Khouw