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THE BALKAN LAWYER – is an online and quarterly printed Magazine serving legal practitioners promoting themselves and their businesses, be visible and reachable at all times. It is a Platform, founded under THE BALKAN LAWYER GROUP – an establishment that began four years ago with EUROPEAN LEGAL RESEARCH & TRAINING NETWORK and that continues to grow.

The services we offer are a combination of promotional – advertising – vocational – awarding categories, aiming to enrich lawyer’s professional portfolio, promote them and their work on a regional scale, build their brand and reputation. Therefore, we have created a simple way for professionals to be able to enrich and improve their backgrounds and experiences in the best, easiest and cheapest way possible.

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  • Address: Veurstraat 96, 3037 BP, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 (0) 10 752 4503
  • E-mail:

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