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The purpose of this Summit is to jointly address most urgent and interesting issues related to the lawyers and their professional situation during the process of integration of their countries. Specifically, problems that lawyers are facing in their jurisdictions today, how they deal with them, how the process of integration is already affecting the legal profession and how they see their role in that process. Furthermore, this summit will deal with the obligations and priorities such process is bringing to legal professionals across the region and their future as crucial part of it.

Not only this Summit, but the entire idea behind European Legal Research & Training Network is to prepare young professionals towards the EU standards of professionalism, in line with the highest values and standards of their noble profession. Given the fact that this is a process that should start much earlier than our countries become members states, this Summit’s objective is to bring a realistic view and awareness about the options, possibilities, struggles and solutions toward reaching such standard of the legal profession. As a result, this Summit’s agenda, topics, events and discussions are all selected to serve that purpose.

Equally important mission of the Belgrade’s Summit is to bring lawyers from six countries together, provide them with many opportunities as possible to communicate informally and build professional network, relationships and opportunities, to overcome stereotypes, to talk about professional issues and their solutions, their work, etc. In order to provide participants with the opportunity to meet as many colleagues as possible and to enable them to build a network in the future this Summit will create the necessary conditions for them to be noticeable, valuable and as much involved as possible.

This Summit will need your voice, your opinion and your insight into the legal matters that bother you. That is why we have carefully chosen topics to be both interesting and “very hot” in a sense of integration and their affect to the Western Balkan Region. This Summit will provide you a realistic and thorough look to the current situation of the legal profession in the Region and your role and place in it. Also, it will raise questions that matter to your integration journey in your country and abroad. Afterall, the entire purpose of this event is not just knowledge but bringing to the attention of everyone involved with law – the importance of being a genuine legal professional as in all European Union and globally.

For more information on how to apply and get involved in this Summit, please visit our website www.legislationnet.com or send an email to mladen.tanjga@legislationnet.com


The Western Balkans Lawyers Summit 2019 is a combination of informational – motivational – professional and promotional activities, all serving to your further professional enhancement and growth.

The Summit will be structured as a combination of:

  1. Open Discussions with Experts/Ambassadors/Participants and their presentations,
  2. Plenary sessions with Regional and EU Experts, sharing their views and expertise,
  3. Lectures by University professors, specializing in EU Legislation, with Q & A session,
  4. Speeches by representatives of Ministry of Justice and EU Integration, and
  5. Debates and Presentations on topics related to lawyers’ biggest issues and concerns.

Intentionally structured informal events for the purpose of the participants networking:

  1. Fair Shows and presentations of law firms (09-13.00 hours, third day)
  2. Essay competition, recommendations, interviews,
  3. Business dinners and social indoor /outdoor events, and
  4. Working Breakfasts and Networking dinners

For more information regarding this summit, sponsoring and partnership but also advertisment and collaborations, please visit the website www.legislationnet.com and if interested send us an email at europeanlegal@legislationnet.com